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PULSE Ultra PLC400D AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger (6S/20A/200W x2)

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The Pulse Ultra PLC400D AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger is an AC/DC charger that has the wattage needed to charge high capacity, high cell count batteries quickly. Powered via AC or DC methods, the Pulse PLC400D features an internally cooled 400 watt power supply that is ready & waiting for your LiPo charging needs. Designed to charge, maintain, balance & store lithium batteries from 1S to 6S (3.7V - 22.2V), the Pulse PLC400D delivers, and is easy to use with a backlit LCD screen layout, along with a functional method of inputting the proper battery data to get your batteries charged quickly.

Including a "squid" style charge cable that features XT60 and Dean's connectors, the Pulse PLC400D is ready for use, allowing you to charge multiple styles of batteries, versus having to keep track of multiple connectors. Also, the included balance board utilizes the highly popular JST/XH format, allowing you to adapt your Pulse Ultra batteries without issue, or any other battery that uses this popular JST/XH balance plug layout.

Low cost, effective & powerful, the Pulse Ultra PLC400D charger is everything you need in a low cost solution that will keep you flying & more.


Individual Voltage Balancing for LiPo Batteries
Built within the Pulse PLC400D is an individual cell voltage balancer, allowing proper care of Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-Ion batteries.

Individual Cell Balancing on Discharge / Charge Phase
The Pulse PLC400D can also monitor and balance individual cells of the lithium batteries during the discharge phase, as well as the charging phase. If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally, the charging / discharging process will cease, thus protecting the battery and user from battery failure.

Multiple Chemistry Capable
The Pulse PLC400D can accept (3) types of lithium based batteries - LiIon, LiPo, and LiFe and other Nickel/Pb batteries . These batteries utilize different chemistry's that require different charging needs, which are easily met by the PLC400D.

Storage Charge Capable
Lithium batteries require a specific voltage for any length of storage or non use, so when you are finished using the batteries at hand, the Pulse PLC400D can bring your lithium batteries to the proper voltage, allowing you to store your lithium batteries for extended periods of time, without damage.

Fast Charge Mode
In this mode, the Pulse PLC400D can be set to charge your battery in a more rapid fashion, allowing the charger to bring the battery up to charge quickly while balancing the individual cells.

Data Storage, Data Loading & Pulse Mode
The Pulse PLC400D can store many different battery files for your different battery needs, allowing you to easily & rapidly charge the batteries you own without having to re-enter the same information over & over again.

Cyclic Charging & Discharging
The Pulse PLC400D can perform multiple cycles of charging & discharging to help effectively break in new batteries for optimum life cycle and performance.

Robust Outer Case with Integrated Cooling Fan
Designed to keep the charger protected & cool, the strong external case incorporates a built in cooling fan, allowing the Pulse PLC400D charger to exhaust the internal heat during the charging process.

Charging Two Batteries Simultaneously
Being a true twin-channel charger with two independent circuits, the PLC400D can charge 2 different types of battery simultaneously to their maximum capacity. It allows the 400W (and up to 600W when use external DC power supply) total output to be distributed between the 2 charging channels.

Main Functions & Features:
  • Large 4.3-inch color touch screen
  • Saved charge modes for Pulse batteries via "Pulse Mode"
  • Over current / capacity / charging time  and over-temperature protection
  • Real-time charging and discharging voltage / current display
  • Real-time monitoring of internal charger temperature and battery while charging with auto shut down when temperature increase to dangerous level (temperature sensor and cable not included)
  • USB port for firmware updates to maximize charger functionality and "future proof" support
Size: 195 x 143 x 70mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1,072g
Input Voltage: AC110-240V / DC11-30V (up to 6S only)
Charging Power: 400W in AC, 600W in DC (300W per channel)
Discharging Power: 50W (25W per channel)
Charging Current: 0.1-20A per channel
Discharging Current: 0.1-5A per channel
Current Drain for Balancing LiPo: 500mA/cell
Charging Voltage: 5-27V
Supports Lithium Battery: Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-HV, Li-Po Graphene, Li-FeLi-PO4 / A123 (1-6 cells)
Supports Nickel Battery: Ni-Mh / Ni-CD (1-15 cells)
Supports Pb Battery: (2-20V)

  • (1) Pulse PLC400D Charger
  • (3) Charger Cable Sets (2 Female XT60 to Male XT60 / Deans + 1 Male XT60 to Banana Plug Connector)
  • (2) Charging Balance Boards
  • (1) AC Power Cord - USA Version

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